4 CMV Training Simplified

We are the most straightforward, cost-effective commercial truck driver training program available. Our lessons are for CDL holders and non-CDL holding commercial truck drivers.

Training Simplified

4 CMV understands the challenges of implementing commercial driver training programs. Our leadership has over twenty years of experience implementing training programs for commercial trucking companies. When it comes to training, we know commercial trucking fleets have challenges that other industries do not. Our focus, simplify the training experience for both the commercial driver and the motor carrier.

4 CMV Training Simplified has created a training program that overcomes all the common challenges.

  • No usernames or passwords required
  • No monthly fees
  • No long term contracts
  • No per driver or recurrent fees (one time purchase)
  • No adding or deleting drivers
  • No complicated software or learning management systems
  • No complicated implementation
  • No training needed on how to use
  • No scheduling meetings 
We serve all fleet sizes, from one truck and up. We are perfect fleets under one hundred and fifty (150) drivers.
We serve all fleet sizes, but this training program and cost is perfect for fleets under one hundred and fifty (150) drivers.

How It Works

  • Sign up.
  • Print and handout, or email Safety Series worksheets or training trifolds to drivers.
  • Wait for test results to come in.

It’s that simple!

Our Microlessons

Short, relatable, relevant to engage adult learners

Five to Ten minutes in length

Verify retention with test of five to eight questions

Provide critical, actionable information for all drivers

Resource references for additional learning at the end

Mobile First

Why Train?

Safety and compliance are the number one reason companies train their drivers.

The second reason is cost. For every accident, the indirect cost is about ten times the direct cost of that accident. One of the most expensive budget items for companies is insurance premiums. Training is a meaningful and successful way to show insurance companies you are serious about safety and reducing risk.

Start training drivers and reducing costs today!

How commercial truck drivers use
4 CMV Training Simplified

  • The driver receives via email or a paper copy, the series worksheet or training trifold with your company account number.
  • Using the camera on their smartphone, focus the camera on the QR code on the series worksheet. The webpage with the microlesson options will open.
  • The driver will select a lesson in English or Spanish and complete the included reading materials.
  • Tap “Take Test” button. All tests are in English. The test will open, the driver enters your account number and completes the test.
  • Once the test is submitted, it automatically is emailed to the designated email account. The driver will also have an option to receive a completed copy of their test by entering their email address.

Try A Lesson

Try out our Speed Management microlesson:


  • Open your camera on your mobile device. Hold your mobile device four to five inches over the QR code below.
  • Your camera will recognize the code and open an alert.
  • Tap the alert and a webpage will open.
  • Select training.
  • Read content; select “Take Test”.
  • Use drop down for account number and select 500 – Demo. A demo account company name and email address will appear.
  • Put in your email address for “Your Email Address” so you can receive a copy of your test.
  • Click here to access training without the QR Code. 

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