Simplifying Trucking  

We simplify trucking one course at a time. 

Safety, Recruiting, Risk, & Compliance  

4 CMV is a premier provider of online courses training fleet professionals nationwide and in Canada.  Our goal is to strengthen our current and future leaders, allowing them to navigate the complex industry of trucking successfully.
These courses are for any trucking professional looking to advance their career, expand their knowledge, or would like some practical tools and explanations to run their fleet programs successfully.
Our courses are by topic, so trucking employees can select classes relevant to their positions or future position while understanding how their roles and responsibilities fit into the big picture.  

Our courses include

  • Multiple lessons per course
  • Each lesson is 5-10 minutes
  • Pay per course 
  • Courses are broke up by topic, only take courses that are relevant to you
  • Courses are for all commercial trucking professionals
  • Lessons can be taken on our phone app
  • Perfect for potential or small trucking owners to learn the regulatory side of trucking 
  • Get a certificate of completion at the end of each course

We are perfect for all people working in the trucking industry regardless if you are just starting out or a long term professional. 

Educating Future Leaders

Learn from someone who has done what your doing.

Our professionals have 23 years of experience in fleet safety, compliance, risk, recruiting, insurance, and operations. The 4 CMV leadership has worked with fleets from ten to over a thousand commercial drivers. We understand the complexity of navigating insurance, CSA, crashes, lawsuits, driver turnover, and all the day-to-day issues of fleet professionals.

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Our Courses Include

DOT compliance & CSA

Insurance & Risk Management

Drug & Alcohol

Driver Recruiting

Driver Retention

Leasing and Independent Contractors

Fleets we have worked with and organization we value. 

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