If it has been more than a few years since your company has been audited and one or more of the following applies you can guess you are at the top of the FMCSA’s list.
• Your company has two or more CSA scores over threshold and one of them is the crash score.
• Your drivers have had recent “red flag” violations at the scale such as drug and alcohol violation.
• Your company has had a fatality or serious accident regardless of fault. In Washington state, a fatality almost always triggers a compliance review regardless of whose fault it was.
• You are a newly opened trucking company. A new entrant audit will be scheduled within the first 18 months. This audit is about educating new companies on their responsibilities.
• If one of your drivers complains to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regarding hours of service or your internal compliance procedures.
• Your company has substantial ties to another trucking company and the other company gets audited and FMCSA and has found severe violations, this may trigger your company to be audited as well.

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