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Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR) is part of the standard process in the transportation industry to meet regulatory compliance requirements. Motor carriers who have CDL and non-CDL commercial drivers must pull an MVR for all their drivers annually, and we must have an MVR for the driver qualification file from the time of hire. There are many ways to get this MVR; drivers can bring one, request from the state through their websites, or use a transportation provider. This process has historically worked well, until the last five or so years.

More and more motor carriers turn to MVR monitoring to solve some of the issues with the minimum required annual MVR review. What is the problem with doing the minimum and getting an MVR annually you ask? You cannot catch suspended or disqualified drivers via an annual MVR review. If the driver was suspended for two months, six months ago, between yearly reviews, the motor carrier is out of compliance and didn’t know it, but still held accountable per FMCSA.  As a consultant and as a Safety Director, I have seen this play out repeatedly.

The simple solution is MVR monitoring.

What is MVR monitoring? Regardless of the type (small car fleets – to large commercial fleets), MVR monitoring will notify a company of changes on their drivers MVR. Changes like a suspended license, citation, or even an accident resulting in a citation. The following link can help you understand the requirements for annual MVR and notification systems.

I decided to do a product review of IIX an MVR monitoring company out of Texas.  

All my product reviews start that same way, with an email or a phone call, my first impressions of the company is based on quickly they respond to my inquiry. IIX returned my phone call immediately, and they were ready to talk and participate in this product review. Top score for responsiveness!

 A little background on IIX. IIX is based in Texas and provides motor vehicle monitoring and other services for fleets nationwide. One of the many perks of IIX is that they are direct to consumers.

Over the years when I have talked to vendors and providers in our industry. I found more customers the vendor has, the less interested in working with small fleets they are. I understand the side of the vendor. It is much more profitable to work with one fleet of 100 drivers than to work with five fleets with 20 drivers each. Unfortunately, it becomes a small fish big pond situation for the smaller fleet, and customer service prioritizes, and the smaller fleets lose out. However, in the case of IIX, I found them to be just the opposite. Even though they are one of the largest, if not the largest, motor vehicle monitoring companies, they talked about working with all fleet sizes. They have flexible pricing and sign-up options regardless of fleet size. The salesperson who I spoke with was also friendly and professional. I loved the genuine flexibility and interest in helping the trucking industry thrive regardless of the trucking company size.

Other notable offerings from IIX include criminal background checks, sex offender registry checks, PSP (pre-employment screening program), and CDLIS reporting. Their customer service is available from 8 to 5:30 central time. The key for me during this review was their flexibility and accessibility for all size fleets.  

Integration with applicant tracking solutions is an essential feature for larger fleets. IIX integrates with many applicant tracking solutions.

My takeaway from my visit with IIX was that they are flexible and will support all fleet sizes. 97% of trucking is under twenty trucks, making good business sense to go down the path of small fleet satisfaction and IIX works well with small fleets.  

MVR monitoring should be a priority for fleets nationwide and part of your standard operating procedures for fleets of any size. Do you want to find out more about MVR monitoring? Click here to see my blog on MVR’s.

Are you interested in IIX and finding out more? Go to Contact Us at, and send me a message and I can connect you, or you can email them directly at for more information.

Are you a current MVR monitoring user? Leave a review of your services in our directory.

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