Once upon a time, the trucking industry used paper job applications for all truck drivers; it was an easy, low-cost solution to our hiring needs.  As we all became more tech-savvy and addicted to our smart phones, we shifted into the mobile technology age. Recruiters started using applicant tracking software to help us manage the hiring process and connect with potential drivers.  The trucking industry has continued to evolve and embrace technology.  So, the next evolution of driver hiring is now a driver recruiting and compliance system all in one, combining two critical elements into one platform.

Today’s product review is on DriverReach, a company located out of Indianapolis, Indiana.  Their Driver Recruiting and Compliance System includes regulatory compliance, application tracking, and recruiting services. This product is a powerful and necessary solution for fleets nationwide.

All my product reviews start with me emailing or calling the transportation vendor I want to review. DriverReach, as I expected, was responsive and openly provided information and offered a full-blown demo for me to review their platform.  I feel I should disclose I worked for DriverReach over a year ago, and I loved the product then, as much as I loved it now. I am a little biased, but I think a great product and great people equal a great company.

I got a full demo and saw all the changes DriverReach made to their product in the last 12 months.   They have done a great job of combining compliance and recruiting needs making for a single solution to be used by as few or as many people as needed within any motor carrier. Motor carriers now can reduce fines from compliance issues and have a recruiting tool all in one. DriverReach has done a great job of combining the two needs of compliance and recruiting into one software platform.

A little background on DriverReach. They have been around since 2016. The founder and CEO, Jeremy Reymer, had a successful driver staffing company and created the first iteration of DriverReach software for his company. He then sold his staffing company and started DriverReach.  Driver recruiting technology is still a primary focus. They have maintained a strong team of recruiters who can help fleets interested in driving hiring assistance.  The rest of the group includes skilled technology gurus and customer service support.  Currently, DriverReach serves over 200 fleets nationwide. They primarily work with fleets that are between 100 and 1000 drivers. They do welcome smaller fleets and have special pricing for those smaller fleets, and larger fleets get flat pricing instead of the per driver pricing model many companies use.

Most of us will open an app or website on our phone, and if it is remotely complicated or lacks immediate responsiveness, we close the app or website without further thought.  We are a world of little patience and expect quick responsiveness. The tech world refers to our like or dislike of a website or mobile app user experience. Most technology companies have a user experience professional to ensure their users are getting a great experience on their website or mobile device. I have tried the DOT and non-DOT (short) application of DriverReach, and they have done an outstanding job with user experience.  Though the driver application is not an app but called a “mobile-first” website, the experience is excellent. When companies have issues with drivers abandoning job applications, that hurts the bottom line and the recruiting department’s success level; according to DriverReach, application abandonment is minimized with their driver application process. I would agree after trying the application.  Also, drivers can sign up for the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse through their driver application.

Many companies shy away from online applications because of usernames and password requirements. DriverReach allows drivers to login with Facebook or Google logins for easy access.

Within the DriverReach solution, you can automate verifications of employment, and background checks can be ordered with one click.  All the customer does is set up the account with the vendor.  There is no additional fee from DriverReach for the integration.  The trucking company pays their background vendors directly with no upcharge for service from DriverReach.  Some of DriverReach’s integration partners include HireRight, Driver IQ, Foley, and the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse.  They also integrate with most job boards making managing new applicants a smooth and efficient process.

The DriverReach texting and communication options are worth noting as well. A recruiter can set up automated emails or texts via a drip campaign to reach out to current or potential drivers with messages and information. It is an excellent tool for engaging the driver before, after, and during employment. They offer one-off texting and emailing as well within the platform.  When I think of these texting and email features, I see it as a great tool to check in with new drivers who have been with your company less than 60 days; that is when the most turnover happens. It is cheaper to retain a driver than to hire a driver. Drivers will appreciate your follow up, and because it is all via the DriverReach platform, there is a record of the communication.

I have had personal experience with the customer service team at DriverReach, and I am a fan. Customers get a dedicated client success member. Initial set up takes a couple of weeks to get all drivers into the DriverReach platform. The more responsive the trucking company is during set up, the faster completed. The training to use the online program is free for everyone at any time.

The software offers the traditional applicant management tools, including driver and applicant reporting and lists, flags on different stages the applicant is in, a driver qualification file, personnel file, and background check status notifications. 

The compliance side of the DriverReach platform was of particular interest to me as a Safety Director.   The user can now email PDF copies of driver qualification files by just clicking a few boxes.  They also offer an audit portal. This portal allows auditors to review only the pertinent records on drivers. Due to COVID, most audits are done remotely these days. Having all the information already online is a time saver for sure.  Another great feature is the automation of notification of expiring documents to the driver.

I have three other features that I would like to mention.

One is especially important if you are wondering about paper or electronic driver applications.   The DriverReach application has required fields that must be completed, including date triggers requiring previous employment history, one of the most common problems with commercial driver applications from a DOT compliance perspective.  With these flags in place, your driver applications are going to be 90% compliant (I can’t say 100% because nothing can catch a dishonest driver.)  The secondary feature is an easy solution for fixing any issues with the driver application. Drivers can correct and sign off on any changes on the electronic application. 

The third additional feature is the new E-doc feature. This E-doc feature can include policies, procedures, and handbooks. Anything that requires a driver’s signature can now be signed electronically and housed in the DriverReach solution. 

It is such a comprehensive platform I couldn’t get to it all, but as much as there was to look at, the system’s navigation was self-explanatory and did not overwhelm.

As I expected, I am impressed by DriverReach, and the continued development to meet market changes and demands.  Their integrations continue to expand yet at no cost to the customer (some exceptions may apply). Their pricing is reasonable and flexible with the month-to-month options instead of a contract if the customer is willing to pay a little more. 

Implementing a robust software solution like DriverReach can be intimidating.  I have used and seen other applicant tracking solutions but have found DriverReach from customer service, price point, and capabilities to be my favorite.

Would you like to talk to DriverReach you can go directly to their website or go to Contact Us at our website, and we can connect you with one of their representatives.      

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