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As the owner of 4 CMV Fleet Solutions and 22-year Safety Director and DOT Compliance consultant, I have successfully worked with many well-known motor carriers, including Darigold, Floform, Wilbur Ellis, Univar, SPT Holdings, and Edgmon Trucking.  

 With the new world and familiarity of Zoom and other video conferencing solutions, 4 CMV Fleet is introducing a one-on-one customized online DOT and safety consulting service that specializes in trucking. We are unlike anything else in the marketplace.

 What we don’t do:

  • Ask for contracts.
  • Ask for long-term commitments.
  • Require fees for travel or hotel accommodations.
  • Send invoices with unexpected costs.
  • Replace your current staff.

 What we do:  

4 CMV Consulting Simplified service includes one-on-one video conferences with your company to help with Safety and DOT compliance issues. We are your expert on-call DOT Compliance and Safety Director.  Our goal is to help your company thrive in the complex world of trucking litigation and regualtions. Knowledge is power, and we strive to support  your current staff to be confident leaders and successful DOT compliance professionals while we stay available for guidance and advice if needed.

We specialize in supporting companies going through compliance reviews or responding to unsuccessful reviews that ended in an unsatisfactory or conditional safety rating.  We can provide guidance and advice and help you evaluate if you need to hire an attorney or if your company can successfully respond independently.

We are the perfect customized solution for human resource departments, DOT compliance managers and coordinators, fleet managers, recruiting and safety managers, and trucking company owners.  Schedule one, two or several calls. We are available as needed. 

4 CMV is a solution that is cost effective for small fleets looking for a little or a lot of support when facing the complex regulations.

Book your online consulting service and bring your DOT compliance questions, issues, and opportunities for discussion. Need new staff or current staff trained in compliance and safety? We can help. Book today!

How much does it cost? $135 per 90 minutes, 30 minutes for us to review your company and prepare offline, and 60-minute video chat.    

How does it work?  Pay via credit card, and we will work with your company to set the best time to have the video call. We will send a one-page questionnaire that needs to be completed and returned one business day before our call. The questionaaire will outline specifically what you need help with so we can be prepared. Your company will be provided a link to access to the video call.  

All calls are confidential and are not recorded unless requested. 

We look forward to working with you.

Kris Wylie, CEO 

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